I have been working in the Licensed trade for over 12 Years and in this time I have gathered a vast amount of product information. I wanted to create a link between the massive array of products that are available on the market and the buying public, and offer these products at competitive prices.

I often look at the product ranges in the multiple retail chains and although most cover the main product ranges, they constantly focus on the brand leaders. This will usually be due to the brand leaders themselves buying shelf space in these outlets as retail chains sell shelf space to suppliers in the same way they sell tins of baked beans to you and I. Although there is not a thing wrong with this approach, and I have included most of the brand leaders myself in this shop, I constantly come across people looking for that little something 'different'.

This site is still in its development stage although it is now open for business. I hope to gradually extend my range of products and also give a lot more information on each product, including giving you various ideas on how to serve them.

I invite you to have a look round and feel free to offer your feedback and suggestions. If there is a product you are looking for and can't find it I’d be more than happy to try and source it for you.. is a trading name of Roblex Ltd

Happy Shopping.

Craig Robertson